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Graduate Playwriting Workshop I

DWPG.2062   Seminar   4 Credits

This course explores the fundamentals of basic structure in writing for the stage. There will be lecture and study of linear and non-linear storytelling, learning to develop story ideas with strong dramatic situations that drive the plot, writing exercises designed to increase facility in structuring scenes, writing dialogue that compels action rather than simply describe it, and comparative studies of the works of classic and contemporary playwrights and how their approach to craft might be applicable to the work of each individual. Each student’s play will be examined carefully in workshop, written, re-written, re-written again, and polished until it can be brought to its most perfect realization at this stage of your training. Students must complete a ten minute play and an original one-act play during the semester. In addition, each student will be expected to begin a new full length play with a complete outline.